Events in the City LA was a collaborative partner along with Mama Be Brilliant, and LW Speciall Event Management of Flourishe Media Group, the producer of this special and unique event, Connect & Collaborate Mixer featuring short interviews with business owners and entrepreneurs to be released on the 2nd season of Connect and Collaborate Show. This event was sponsored by MAJARIAN PUBLISHING.

2016 Empow’HER’ment Women’s Retreat

Events in the City LA organized, planned, and created the graphics for the first Unspoken Angels Women’s Retreat in Los Angeles California, entitled “Empow’HER’ment Retreat”. This special event featured celebrity speakers from different cities aimed to inspire and motivate women especially those who were currently receiving services from The Dream Center LA. This event was held at the beautiful HOTEL MAYA in Long Beach. Search for the hashtag: #EMPOWHERMENTRETREAT to find more posts about the event.

“Events in the City did an awesome job. The event was lively and the audience was captivated by the topics and the speakers. The energy in the room was exactly what I wanted for our first retreat event in Los Angeles” ~ Eudoxie Bridges.

Watch snippets from the event here: 

2014 Holiday Toy Drive

The Multicultural Motion Pictures Association sought a partnership with Events in the City in hosting the 15th Annual Toy Drive Extravaganza. Local artists and celebrities were in attendance in this red carpet event. Attendees were asked to bring a toy donation valued at $25 or more to enjoy an evening of free entertainment and industry networking event. Sweeney Mae co-hosted the event and Thanhdi Nguyen assisted with the step and repeat.

2nd Annual The List Tour LA

Events in the City Served as a collaborative partner in hosting the 2nd Annual “The List” Tour Business Conference. Our founder, Sweeney Mae
(Marketing Mastermind Coach) spoke about Social Media Marketing.

2nd Annual Fancy for Life Fashion Show

Events in the City participates in the 2nd Annual Fancy for Life fashion show benefiting Liz Luque’s, the designer, swim caps project. Designer Luque creates swim caps for cancer patients with a message “Just Keep Swimming” to inspire them to keep on fighting. Luque is a two-time cancer survivor and Events in the City is proud to work with her every year to bring more awareness to the cause and to promote her Fancy Swimwear Collection. Our co-founder, Thanhdi Nguyen, coordinated the entire event with Liz Luque at Los Angeles Down Town roof top Fuego Lounge. Our co-founder Sweeney Mae stepped in to co-host the event with Instagram personality and comedian, Tonio (@tonioskits). Photos below were taken by Angles and Attitude.

Liz Luque designed “15 Shades of Pink” in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Fancy for Life benefiting Relay for Life American Cancer Society


Post event marketing is just as important as ticket sales, advertisement, promotions and more. Why? Because your post event marketing strategy will determine the success of your next event. A strong post event marketing strategy can set the tone for the next event by re kindling your guest’s experience and showing the absentees what they’ve missed. Great photos and videos can be a reason for your guests to share it on social media.
Events in the City Post Marketing Tips blog photo
1. Watermark all your photos
Before posting images online, find an app that would allow you to either watermark your logo or your website on the photo. Why? well for the simple reason that once these photos are online, people will find the photos and will be interested to participate for the next one but wouldn’t know how to get in contact with you.

2. Write a blog about it or ask someone to
Blogging is more than just telling a story online. It’s a way to get “found” online. So when you blog, use the right keywords and always remember to add information about where they can signup to get more info or get more details.

3. Publicly thank everyone who helped make it happen
You have to exhibit a grateful attitude to keep having successful events. Make people feel good about helping you. People will forget what you say but will never forget how you made them feel. Present certificates to your volunteers and  your sponsors. Then post those photos online and thank them again. You can never thank them enough!

4.   Share and re-purpose your photos and videos
After editing your photos and videos, plan a schedule for when to post them. Naturally, after an event, you want to post all your photos on an album on facebook or other social media means but you should also hold back on some photos, design it by adding text about the event or information about the next event and plan on posting a photo 2x or 3x a month until your next event. Don’t let people forget how great your event was.
5. Create a special tab/archive
On your website, you can create a tab dedicated to archived photos and on there, you can store all your past event photos so when you are getting ready to promote for you next event that potential sponsors and guests can view past event photos. Make sure that you label all your photos correctly and caption them as much as you can.
When saving your photos on your computer, make sure that you save it using the name of your event and the year for two reasons:
a. Easy navigation – it will be easier for you to search for your photos whenever you need them.
b. Searchable – when people search for your event on Google, the photos that were labeled properly upon upload will show up on the results.
When uploading your photos on your website/blog, make sure that you change the “title” of the photos to your event name and year for the same reason as above. Make it easy for people to find your event and label all your photos correctly!